Kilis 7 Aralık Üniversitesi


Kilis 7 Aralık University started its educational activities with the establishment of Kilis Vocational School in 1987.

Our university was established with the law numbered 5662 which was published in the Official Gazette issue 26536 on 29 May, 2007.

Our university continued its educational activities with the establishment of M.R. Faculty of Education in 1998, Y.Ş. Vocational School of Health in 1997, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2003, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2007; and the Vocational School of Health Services, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences in 2010, Faculty of Theology and Graduate School of Health Sciences in 2012, Faculty of Agriculture in 2013.

In our University;

There are 6 faculties including the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Agriculture; 2 schools including the School of Health and School of Physical Education and Sports; there are 4 vocational schools including Vocational School of Toursim and Hotel Management, Vocational School of Social Sciences, Vocational School of Technical Sciences and Vocational School of Health Services; as well as 3 graduate schools including Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Graduate School of Health Sciences.

Our university is an emerging educational institution with 11 application and research centers.

These are:

1. Scientific Research and Projects Unit (BAP),

2. Agricultural Research and Application Center (KİTAMER),

3. Middle East Research and Application Center (ODAMER),

4. Continuing Education Center (KÜSEM),

5. Computer Science Application and Research Center (BİLMER),

6. Language Teaching Application and Research Center (TÖMER),

7. Advanced Technology Application and Research Center (İTAMER),

8. Spice and Medical Plants Application and Research Center (BATMER),

9. Renewable Energy Application and Research Center (YEMER),

10. Kilis History and Culture Research Center (KİTAM),

11. Child Education Application and Research Center (ÇEMER)

Continuing its activities in three campuses, namely the Central Campus, the Karataş Campus and the Mercidabik Campus, the University has approximately 10,000 students studying at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels with 403 academic and 204 administrative staff.

Our university has embraced a student-centered education system, knowing that our youth is our future. We aim to equip our students with creative thinking skills, solution-oriented approach and analytical thinking abilities at the end of their studies.